FDM Doggie Ranch VietNam

Our Happy Land For Dogs

FDM Doggie Ranch is one of the largest doggie Day Care and Dog Hotels in Vietnam.

  • Your dog’s first day care day is free, as a trial day.

  • Boarding and Day Care is available – with full or half-day Day Care options.

  • Daily photo and video updates to owners.

  • No cages. Every night our boarding dogs share rooms and beds with our team members.

  • The large play areas have big covered-roof sand pits for dogs to dig and go crazy in.

  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered if older than 12 months old.

  • Dogs can play, socialize and relax in comfort under supervision of our trained caring staff.

  • We create a family environment for dogs to feel safe and loved while enjoying a little holiday pampering of their own.

About Facility

  • 950m2 of open space divided into five areas of fun.

  • High-quality astro turf in our largest outside areas for doggie comfort.

  • Expansive roof areas for shade, plus huge fans.

  • Good quality shade netting above the outside play areas for extra doggie comfort.

  • Constant security camera surveillance.

  • Finger touch keypad double security gates and 24-hour multi-camera surveillance systems to ensure uncompromised safety for pets and staff.

  • Our entire facility is sanitized every day. Hygiene is important for dog health.

  • Inside our expansive double story house we have air conditioning plus fans to circulate air, keeping temperatures comfortable year round.

  • 24-hour supervision for all dogs.
    Our huge covered dog areas allow dogs to play, socialize or relax outside year round.

  • Minutes from our Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Nghia, DVM, P.h.D.

Our Happy Land For Dogs