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Our Services

FDM Doggie Ranch is our happy land for dogs to come together in a family environment to play and socialize with fun activities.

Day Care

First day care day is free as a trial day. Astro turf to run on, swimming pools to jump in, sand pits to dig in and a caring team of staff. Half days and full days available.

Boarding Services

We create a family environment. No cages. At night your dog will share the room and bed with our team members. We send photos and videos to owners each day.

Our Space

One of the largest open space dog facilities in Vietnam. Air conditioning and fans keep your dog cool. Entire premises sanitized daily. Astro turf outside for your dog's comfort.

Pick up & drop off

Pick up within 6 km radius from 8.30 - 10.30am. Drop off from 15.00 - 17.30. Transport by our custom motorbikes. Cars by request.

Pricing and Loyalty

Free to join our loyalty program. Enjoy discounts knowing your dog will always have a space with us for daycare and boarding.


Your doggie can celebrate their Birthday, Gottcha Day, Tet, Christmas, Halloween and more with us.

Why Choose FDM Doggie Ranch

Our Space

We are one of the largest open space dog hotels and doggie daycare facilities in Vietnam.

Loyalty Program

Free to join our loyalty program. Enjoy discounts knowing your dog will always have a space with us for boarding or daycare.
WhatsApp: +61 402 775 116

Our Team

Each member of our team are carefully chosen. They are passionate animal lovers who take pride in their work


Maya used to be so terrified of going anywhere. She was scared of other dogs and wouldn’t let any other humans (besides me) touch her. Now she’s overjoyed to come to FDM everyday. She jumps out of the car, wags her tail at the door and can’t wait to get inside. When I have to travel for weeks at a time its a great comfort to know Maya’s happy and safe at FDM. She is always smiling ear to ear in her pictures and videos. She plays with many doggie friends and is absolutely in love with the staff, especially Eric the Manager. It’s incredible and heart-warming to watch her transformation. 

I can’t recommend FDM enough. Especially knowing that this is also a charity organisation that does amazing things to fight the dog meat trade, save dogs and transform so many dog (and human) lives in Vietnam.


Other Success Stories

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PHOTO 2022 06 30 12 39 44 2
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IMG 5771

About Michele
And Wendy

Michele and Wendy have worked together extensively throughout Vietnam for years. They’re renown for their compassion and care in saving Vietnam’s animals.

Michele runs the doggie part of our Doggie Ranch. As an experienced animal rescuer she oversees FDM rescues throughout Vietnam.

Wendy oversees the administration of our Doggie Ranch. She manages our FDM fosters, as well as international adoptions to USA.